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Latest SIAS happenings

Christmas                 Dec 2001

Rey Sias Prepares       Mar 2002

1st Pix from NJ DFYS  May 2002

Church Members          May 2002

1st Visit w/ V & C       Aug 2002

Beach Trip                 Aug 2002

Sunday Best           15 Sept 2002

Placement Ceremony  26 Sep 2002

Greame Pk, Adopt conf. Nov 2002

Our Kids                  Nov 2002

TAP party            14 Dec 2002

Christmas 2002     25 Dec 2002

House Addition      21 Mar 2003

Reasons        Mar 2003

Great Actor            5 May 2003

House Addition     21 June 2003

House Addition       5 Aug 2003

Wedding & Fla Vac  9 Aug 2003

Poem  (Adoption Conf)  24 Jul 2003

Stand your Ground   26 Oct 2003

Fall Catch up             15 Nov 2003

Big 2003, 04 Catchup

Tony Visit Christmas 04

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Web site rebuilt October 10, 2005, (happy birthday, mom) more pictures coming....

Math Drill, Flash card game for elementary kids

Philadelphia area Career Fair Schedule

New Web Version: Welcome to SIAS.US web page!   Aug 14, 05

Looking for SIAS family in America book information? See the following links: Sias Family in America online John Sias Sias surname Ring of SIAS Justin Sias's wish list SIAS  RootsWeb Earnest J. Sias restoration missionary ?  Paper by Richard W. Sias Jeremiah Sias  

I have some extra email addresses for If you are a Sias family member, contact me via email and be able to "prove" you are a Sias and I can set you up with an email address. I plan on keeping this web set up and added to for a long time. For more extensive details click here.

Seeking pictures..

Items are presently being transferred.

We have house addition.   

Vance and Courtney are now gone.  

Last Web Version: Old page was pink with blue links.

The SIAS family consists of Rich, Donna, and Rey.

The SIAS family web site is being built up from the old ones.

Previous web sites are being copied over as we read this.

Rey has finished up 8th Grade in Log College Middle School. He will be attending Tennant HS this fall.

Email me at the link below or speak to me in person with your great ideas for the SIAS.US Web!

--Richard Sias