Rey, Rich, and Donna attended an adoption conference in July 2003. Rich and Donna attended seminars on adoption and parenting issues. Rey attended with older teens to do various activities. One was to write a poem to express their feelings on something. We didn't take any pictures but, Rey wrote a poem on the theme of the conference.


Paths to Permanency

Rey T. Sias

Paths to permanency lead you to a permanent home
for the child to live in.
The child will no longer have to roam.
The child can reveal the power with in.
The child doesn’t have to cry.
The child doesn’t have to be afraid.
The child doesn’t have to ask why?
The child needs a friend,
not a parent who acts like a fiend.
All the child needs is a path to permanency.
A parent should have courtesy.
The child needs to trust someone.
The child needs the right path.
The person who the child can trust
must be trustworthy.
The child doesn’t deserve the wrath
that is along his path.