Latest SIAS happenings:

May, June, July, & Aug - get Rey to call and have friends over.

July Rey went to 2 Church camp weeks. JrHi II was by himself. JrHi I was in a different cabin than his dad. I was counselor for Cabin 9. He  was in Cabin 6. See pictures.

Our house is nearing completion. Now we are trying to finish up cleanups and rearrangements.

Rich 8/24/2003


Rey got for his birthday, June 30th a guitar, snorkle set, steelers shirt & hat, and other stuff

Rey went to Sr High One across July 4th

He worked for Jr Hi One with maintence for nearly the whole week and had to be picked up Friday early to be dropped off at the Phil airport so he could fly by himself to Pittsburgh to be with his birth brothers for a 5 day visit.

We drove to Pittsburgh to be with them also and travled daily to the convention center downtown for the NorthAmericanCouncil of Adoptable Children [NACAC]. Both families learned a lot from the training sessions. We returned with Rey Sunday evening, Aug 7th.

That brings things up to Aug 2005 for now.